Cleaning & Disinfection Webinars

Lean to Clean

Advances in washer-disinfector technology have paved the way for consistent, repeatable, efficient results in device reprocessing. In this presentation, we will take a look at what goes on in a washer-disinfector and how Sterile Processing technicians can leverage technology to get the best results out of them Approved for (1) contact hour through HSPA and CBSPD

Beyond the Steel Door: A Journey of Steam Sterilization Excellence

Steam sterilization is the powerhouse of Sterile Processing and the final step in a surgical instrument’s journey to sterility. But how much do you really know about the journey your surgical instruments take before and after they go behind the steel door of your department’s steam sterilizer? Join us as we build a case for true process optimization for your sterilization workflows, outline critical gaps in compliance to be on the lookout for, and provide important insights on how you can prepare your reprocessing team for sterilization excellence from the first load and beyond. Approved for (1) contact hour through HSPA and CBSPD.

The Science Behind the Magic: Your Guide to Understanding Ultrasonic Cleaning

It’s that mysterious box that is often forgotten about in the corner of our Sterile Processing departments, yet it plays a pivotal role in effective instrument cleaning. Yep, we’re talking about the ultrasonic cleaner! Tune in for this collaborative conversation as we explore the intricacies of ultrasonic cleaners. Our panelists will crack open the “magic box” and explain just how our ultrasonic cleaners do their jobs so we can do ours more effectively. Join us as we explore key ultrasonic workflows, establish best practices, and answer the question, “Why should I care about my ultrasonic?” Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the science behind the magic of our ultrasonic cleaners.

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