Daily and Weekly Testing

This training will enable customers to carry out daily and weekly testing of the EDF and to assist in managing the EWD on a day-to-day basis. Show knowledge and understanding of national government guidance and includes an assessment of competency for daily and weekly tests.

*Please note this training is ONLY available in United Kingdom & Ireland

Course details

          • Carry out daily and weekly Automatic Control Test
          • Carry out an assessment of water hardness using an appropriate water hardness testing kit
          • Carry out a test of final rise water conducivity using an appropriate test kit
          • Carry out cleaning efficacy tests of residual soil detection in accordance with the local requirment, either residual protein using an endoscope or residual test soil using a Process Challenge Device (PCD).
          • Take a final rinse water sample for Total Viable Count (TVC).
          • Be aware of the guidance around the correct storage and transportation of a TVC sample taken for laboratory analysis
          • Under a TVC result and give advice on any appropriate action


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