Advanced Monitoring Video Library

Training Videos

PiCCO and PulsioFlex Setup_ICU Hemodynamic Monitoring detecting lung water with ELWI, PVPI

9min 50sec

Main challenges in critical care

05min 02sec

NICCI Training Videos

15min 00sec

PulsioFlex and PiCCO Training Videos


These 15 separate setup videos will cover the following topics:

      • Module Setup, Monitor Connections
      • Menu Options
      • Catheter, Monitoring Kit, Thermodilution

Quantification of pulmonary edema (ELWI, PVPI) and analysis of hemodynamic parameters with PiCCO

5 min

Case: Hypovolemia – How to interpret hemodynamic preload parameters of ICU patients

3 min

Nihon Kohden Part 1 Hardware: Introducing components for setup

3 min

Nihon Kohden_Part 2 Software:
Monitoring screen setup
& installation steps

3 min

Case: Sepsis, ARDS
Sepsis, ARDS – expert talk

3 min


Hemodynamic monitoring and ventilatory management


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