Clinical series webinars

Clinical Series: Patient Ventilator Asynchronies & the Adult Patient

Presenter:  Troy Whitacre

Description:  Join us as Troy discusses Adult Patient Ventilator asynchronies, and how to recognize and manage them using Edi monitoring and the neural signal  Troy will use clinical cases intended to bring awareness of commonly overlooked and difficult to identify adult asynchronies.

Clinical Series: Mechanical ventilation considerations in congenital cardiac surgical patients

Presenter:  Dr. Avihu Gazit

Description: Join us as Dr. Gazit discusses the unique considerations of the pediatric congenital cardiac surgical patient.  Dr. Gazit will discuss how his hospital approaches the management of patient ventilator interaction when dealing with these complex patients.

Clinical Series: Weaning the neonate – Considerations and strategies utilizing NAVA and Edi monitoring

Presenter:  Dr. David Matlock

Description:  Join us as Dr. David Matlock shares his experience using Edi monitoring of the neonate patient with a focus on weaning strategies.  Deciding when to wean is complex and includes several different variables.  Dr. Matlock will discuss the use of NAVA  to optimize ventilation, improve synchrony and support the weaning process.

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