Mechanical Ventilation & Neurally Adjusted Ventilatory Assist (NAVA) Video Library

Educational Videos

The Servo-u ventilator

How to get started using the Getinge Servo-u ventilator

Automatic Stepwise Recruitment Maneuver

How to use Auto SRM on the Servo-u ventilator

How to Get Started Using NAVA on the Getinge Servo-u

Automatic Stepwise Recruitment Maneuver

Auto SRM Maneuver including decremental PEEP titration

Neurally Adjusted Ventilatory Assist (NAVA) Webinars

COVID-19 Case Presentations by

Dr. Carlos Ferrando

COVID-19 Case Presentations Ventilatory Management & Hemodynamic Monitoring

ESICM-Lives 2020 Nava Sponsored Symposium

NAVA Panel discussion: Insights from 2020 studies

2021 NAVA® Webinar Series

Professor Villar

NAVA mode in adult with Acute Respiratory Failure (ARF). NAVIATOR Study Pros and Cons

2021 NAVA® Webinar Series

Kimberly S. Firestone

NAVA: the science, management and implementation in the NICU

2021 NAVA® Webinar Series

Dr. Ling Liu

Difficult Weaning from Ventilator: NAVA as a helpful technology

2021 NAVA® Webinar Series

Dr. Philip Hopkins

How to improve the outcomes of patients at risk of prolonged ventilatory support: Insights from RESTUS trial

2021 NAVA® Webinar Series

Dr. Irene Telias

Lung and diaphragm protective ventilation with Edi monitoring and NAVA

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