T-DOC Web Seminars

T-DOC Troubleshooting

You are a T-DOC Admin and you know the basics.  What to do when things go wrong – common issues, some resolutions, and tips on getting the most out of your support service.

Presenter:   Tim Coles, T-DOC Implementation Specialist

Date:  March 3, 2021

Time:  8:00 am – GMT Time (London)

4:00 pm – Singapore Time

T-DOC Interfacing Introduction

 Learn about what integrations and interfaces are, things to consider, and what the benefits can be when an integration is done.

Presenter:  Baldev Sharma, Senior Technical Expert

Date:   March 10, 2021

Time:  8:00 am – GMT Time (London)

             4:00 pm – Singapore Time

T-DOC Stock Introduction

Overview of the Stock Module in T-DOC and an introduction to the many benefits and options it provides.

Presenter:  Tim Coles, T-DOC Implementation Specialist

Date:   March 17, 2021

Time:  8:00 am – GMT Time (London)

             4:00 pm – Singapore Time

T-DOC On-Site Support: Case Study

Hear how the University of Miami Hospital works with an onsite implementation and support specialist who works with the staff on a daily basis to optimize and support T-DOC.

Presenter:  Ross Armstrong, T-DOC Implementation Specialist

Date:   March 24, 2021

Time:   8:00 am – Eastern Daylight

              8:00 pm – Singapore Time