Getinge Standardized Endoscopic Training (GetSET)

Get SET is a comprehensive course which covers topics affiliated with endoscopic vessel harvesting.  These include basic anatomy and physiology as related to vessel harvesting; the EVH procedure and the Vasoview Hemopro 2 Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting (EVH) System; and additional equipment required to perform EVH.

Modules in the GetSET curriculum

Module 1 - Introduction to GetSET

Getinge’’s Standardized Endoscopic Training.

Module 2 - CABG & Vessel Harvesting

Topics include:

    • CABG Procedure
    • Harvest Methods
    • Vein Graft Longevity

Module 3 - Venous System
of the Leg

Topics include:

    • Deep & Superficial Systems
    • Great Saphenous Vein
    • Small Saphenous Vein

Module 4 - Vessel Anatomy & Function

Topics include:

    • Cellular Layers
    • Veins versus Arteries
    • Vaso Vasorum
    • Endothelium

Module 5 - Vessel Preservation is Key to Graft Patency

Topics include:

    • Adventitial Preservation
    • Medial Preservation
    • Endothelial Preservation
    • Perivascular Adipose Tissue

Module 6 - Risk Factors Affecting Wound Healing

Topics include:

    • Wound healing process
    • Prevalence of Leg Wound Infection
    • Specific Risk Factors:
      • Elderly Patient
      • Female Patient
      • Patient with PVD
      • Diabetic Patient
      • Obese Patient

Module 7 - EVH Equipment

Topics inlude:

    • Equipment required for EVH
    • Vasoview Hemopro 2 EVH System

Module 8 - EVH Procedure

Topics include:

    • Operating Room Set-up
    • Patient Preparation
    • Incision Considerations
    • Step-by-Step Procedure

Module 9 - Ultrasound and Vessel Evaluation

Topics include:

    • What is ultrasound
    • How to use ultrasound to find and evaluate the saphenous vein.
    • Anatomical variations

Module 10 - Conclusion and Next

A review of key points and discussion of  the next steps in your EVH training.

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