Extracorporeal Life Support Video Library


Cardiohelp training videos – a series of videos demonstrating Cardiohelp/HLS Set instructions from setup and calibration to emergencies.

Cardiohelp Priming Video

07min 47sec

Connecting to the Patient and Starting Perfusion

01min 48sec

Emergency Mode

01min 07sec

Emergency Drive

01min 41sec

Transferring a Running Set from Emergency Drive to a New Cardiohelp

01min 41sec

Preparing for Transport

01min 40sec

Arterial Bubble Detection

01min 35sec

Recalibrating the Venous Probe

01min 07sec

Touchscreen Calibration

01min 18sec

Data Recording

02min 12sec


HLS Cannulae

Cannulation animation with HLS cannula

03min 00sec

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