Cardiohelp Education     


Cardiohelp Priming Video

A training video to provide users with Cardiohelp/HLS set setup from preparation and installation through priming the system.

08min 00sec

Avalon Elite Bi-Caval Dual Lumen Catheter

Product and catheter placement animation.

01min 33sec

HLS Cannulae

Cannulation animation with HLS cannula

03min 00sec


Cardiohelp System Customer Training Presentation

This presentation is intended to support the training of customers on the Cardiohelp system.

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Instructional Guides

Cardiohelp Priming Quick Reference Card

This reference card can be utilized during Cardiohelp/HLS Set – setup training. It covers steps from preparation and installation, priming the system, through connecting to the patient.

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Cardiohelp System Setup Guide

Preparation and installation, priming the system, connecting to the patient, through starting and ending perfusion.

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