Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do I need an account before I can register to attend a web seminar program or launch an eLearning program?

A. The process of signing up for an account is so that we can ensure your information is associated with your program evaluation, post-assessment test, and then transferred to your certificate.

Q. Will I have to enter my information on the website each time I attend a program?

A. No.  The process for signing up for an account is a one-time process.  Going forward, you will simply have to log in to the account and click the Register button on the web seminar page to register.

Q. What is Getinge's commitment to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

A. At Getinge, we are committed to ensuring the security and protection of the personal information that we process. We have data protection teams committed to ongoing review and vigilance of all matters within the scope of GDPR so that a process of continual assessment, risk management and improvement is embedded in our organisation.

Our GDPR preparations have included a comprehensive review of relevant internal processes, procedures and documentation. Additionally, we have and continue to actively develop and implement data protection policies, procedures, controls and security measures for GDPR compliance. 

Q. What does Getinge do with my information?

A. Getinge uses your information for the purpose of the Getinge educational program(s) you have selected only.  The information you supply us is not sold to third parties nor does it enroll you in our marketing e-mail list. 

Q. How do I obtain the completion code necessary to fill out the web seminar program evaluation and obtain a certificate?

The completion code is supplied in the last few slides of the presentation and is also given by the presenter at the end of the program.  This code is case-sensitive.

How to Create FREE Account? Note: The required field, facility name, is not seen on the form to Create an Account until after a facility state is chosen. After a facility state is chosen, the facility name field will be available.

  1. Launch https://getinge.training/d/
  2. Select "Create FREE Account" located towards the top right corner on the page.
  3. Fill out the required fields for the form to Create an Account. To indicate a field is required, a red asterisk is placed at the end of each field description. An example red asterisk is at the end of this sentence.*
  4. UserName: *  Only letters and digits are allowed in UserName field
  5. Password: * Letters, digits, and at least one special character are allowed in Password field.
  6. Password Confirmation: * Password and Password Confirmation fields must match.
  7. First Name: * Enter your given First Name
  8. Last Name: * Enter your given Last Name
  9. Country: * Click "-- Select --" to choose your country from the drop-down menu listing countries.
  10. Time Zone: * Click “—Select—“ to choose your time zone from the drop-down menu
  11. Facility State: * Click "-- Select --" to choose your facility state from the drop-down menu listing facility states.
  12. I agree with the Terms of Use * Select the box to the left of the words "I agree with the Terms of Use". Selecting this box will toggle a check-mark. A check-mark is needed to agree with the Terms of Use.

Select "Create Account" towards the bottom of the page to submit the Create an Account form

How to launch a web seminar?

The web seminars are live and available only on the day they are presented.

  1. Launch https://getinge.training/d/

  2. Open "All Courses" by selecting "All Courses" tab.

  3. Open the course page by selecting the desired course name. For example, "Introduction to IABC Therapy Web Seminar"

  4. View all web seminar sessions by selecting the "Registration" tab.

  5. View the date's session details by locating and selecting the session that date:

If there are no dates listed for today, there will be no web seminar scheduled for today and you cannot access the web seminar.

Launch the date's session details by selecting the WebEx Link.

How to access a web seminar post assessment?
  1. Launch https://getinge.training/d/

  2. Login by selecting "Login" towards the upper right corner of the screen.

  3. Login window, enter your Username and Password, then select Login.

  4. Navigate to the "All Courses" section by selecting the "All Courses" tab.

  5. Open the course page by clicking on the desired course name. For example, "Introduction to IABC Therapy Web Seminar."

  6. View all web seminar sessions by selecting the "Registration" tab.

  7. To view specific dated session details, locate the session date and select the session with the correct date listed.

  8. Register for the desired session by selecting "Register" button within the desired date session details.

    Note: All other sessions outside the desired date must be either "Not Started", "Completed" or "Withdrawn". You cannot have more than one active registration for the same web seminar course at one time. You may need to complete or withdraw from a different session date for the same course before registering the the desired session date.

  9. The status for the newly registered session date will update to "In Progress" after selecting the "Register" button within the desire date session details.

  10. All other sessions outside the desired date must be either "Not Started", "Completed" or "Withdrawn". You cannot have more than one active registration at one time.

  11. Mark the course completed, after the desired session date and time has (expired) and the live portion of the web seminar is past the scheduled date and time. To do this, scroll to the top of the course page and select "Mark Completed".

  12. Enter the required Completion Code and select "OK" to begin the assessment.

    Completion codes are specific to each web seminar session date and cannot be used across dates. Selecting "OK" will open the Assessment page.

  13. Begin the assessment by selecting "Start Assessment".

    If you close the Assessment page before completing the Assessment, you may return to the course page a select "Assessment" to launch the Assessment again.