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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

By accessing this website, you consent to Maquet’s collecting and using of data as detailed below (including the links which provide additional information).

The protection of your personal data and your privacy enjoys the highest priority for us. For this reason, compliance with the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and other relevant legislation and provisions enacted to protect your privacy is something we take seriously. The purpose of these acts of legislation is that of protecting the personal rights of an individual from any impairment as a consequence of the use of his or her personal data. As you herein also entitled to information on how we utilize personal data, we are informing you herein about a number of important technical aspects and, in addition, on the basis of § 4 et seq. BDSG, on our procedures when dealing with your data.

At any time you can revoke the use of the data entrusted to us insofar as it is not required for the processing of a contractual relationship. Such a revocation is generally not necessary as we automatically delete your personal data pursuant to statutory requirements as soon as it is no longer required for the contractual relationship.

Maquet is pleased to comply with requests for information on the processing of your personal data and, if necessary, on its amendment or correction. If you have any questions or comments regarding the data protection policy of Maquet, please contact our Data Protection Officer directly at


Maquet does not collect any personal data through its websites (e.g. name, address, telephone number or e-mail address), insofar as you do not state this information voluntarily (e.g. upon registration, in a contact form or a survey) or consent to its transmission if this is not otherwise regulated in applicable legislation and directives on data protection. If you voluntarily provide personal data and other information, such as through a contact form or survey, Maquet collects and uses that data in line with the data usage practices described herein and found at the links below.


When accessing internet sites, non-personal data are automatically (i.e. not during registration/log-in) recorded as a rule, e.g. internet browser and operating system, domain name of the website from which you have come, number of visits, average time spent at the website and also displayed pages. These data are exclusively used to evaluate the appeal of our websites and to enhance their benefits and content for you. You can control such non-personal data through the use of an anonymous proxy program (“anonymizer”); these programs are often free of charge.

Every time you log on to Maquet’s website your IP (Internet Protocol) address registers on our servers. Your IP address reveals no information other than the number assigned to you. We do not use this technology to get any personal data against your knowledge or free will (e.g., automatically recording e-mail addresses of visitors). Nor do we use it for any purpose other than to help us monitor traffic on our website, or (in case of criminal activity or misuse of our information) to cooperate with law enforcement.


When visiting our websites, data may possibly be stored on your computer in the form of “cookies.” Cookies are simple pieces of data stored on your computer used to store information about you during and between visits. Cookies are useful in many ways. For example, they help us to attune a website to your interests or to store your password so that you do not have to re-input it upon each visit. If you do not wish to accept cookies, please adjust your web browser so that all existing cookies are deleted from your computer and new ones cannot be accepted or can only be accepted following confirmation by you.

Maquet uses a number of different cookies on its site. If you do not know what cookies are, how to control or delete them, then we recommend you visit for detailed guidance.

Below we describe the cookies we use on this site and what we use them for. Currently we operate an ‘implied consent’ policy which means that we assume you are happy with this usage. If you are not happy, then you should either not use this site, or you should delete the cookies having visited the site, or you should browse the site using your browser’s anonymous usage setting (called “Incognito” in Chrome, “InPrivate” for Internet Explorer, “Private Browsing” in Firefox and Safari etc.)

First Party Cookies

On this website, selected language and country is stored between visits. This means that you don't have to make this selection again for each visit. These are cookies that are set by this website directly.

More information on session cookies and what they are used for at

Third Party Cookies

Google Analytics: We use Google Analytics to collect information about visitor behavior on our website. Google Analytics stores information such as what pages you visit, how long you are on the site, how you got herein and what you click on. This Analytics data is collected via a JavaScript tag in the pages of our site and is not tied to personally identifiable information. We therefore do not collect or store your personal information (e.g. your name or address) so this information cannot be used to identify who you are. You can find out more about Google’s position on privacy in regards to its analytics service at

You should check the respective policies of each of these sites to see how exactly they use your information and to find out how to opt out, or delete, such information.


In utilizing telecommunications services for the use of our website(s) your connection data (e.g. IP address) or usage data (e.g. details of the commencement, termination and scope of any access as well as the telecommunications services used) are automatically recorded using technical systems. These data may under certain circumstances allow personal data to be traced. Insofar as absolutely necessary, the recording, processing and use of your connection and usage data is performed in compliance with the valid data protection legislation. In all other cases, these data are deleted after the expiry of the valid safeguarding terms.


For visitors that provide their consent, we additionally collect information such as your name, telephone number, email address and mailing address. By providing this information, you consent to Maquet, its parent, subsidiaries, affiliates, related entities and successors-in-interest and third parties working on behalf of these entities (“Maquet Entities”) using this information for any and all marketing, R&D, quality, regulatory and communications purposes of the Maquet Entities. Such purposes include, among other things, targeted mailings, product literature, surveys, promotions, conference invitations, event announcements and informational presentations. We also may use the information to respond to any requests you may have and to contact you in the future. You consent for this information to be transmitted to other countries where the Maquet Entities do business without further notification to you. We do not intend to collect or sell this information for uses other than those by or on behalf of the Maquet Entities. We may disclose this information as required by law or other legal process.

To the extent that any of the Maquet Entities are considered third parties for the purposes of third party marketing laws such as the California “Shine the Light” law, you consent to these entities using your information for their own direct-marketing purposes. As discussed herein, you can opt out at any time or learn about the details of how your information was given to these third parties.


The website is not directed towards children and does not intend to collect personally identifiable information from children under the age of 13 without their parent’s permission. Maquet never knowingly collects personal data from children without having received consent of their parents. Only when legally permissible and only when parental consent has been obtained, we may capture personal data from children when there is a valid reason to need this data. The definition of “child” and “children” is based on valid legislation and on local and cultural conventions. Should you become aware of our having received the personally identifiable information of any children, please let us know at so that we can immediately destroy the information.


The internet sites of Maquet may in part contain links to other websites. Maquet is not responsible for the data protection practices or the content of other websites.

We constantly amend our data protection policy in line with the further development of the internet. All amendments to our data protection provisions are published on this page. herein you can find regular information on new developments. Additional information about Maquet’s data usage practices can be found by downloading the PDF document below.